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6 thoughts on “Communicate”

  1. Would it be possible to include a RSS feed (for those not using Twitter or Facebook)? Thank you for the site and the podcasts to come!

  2. How about Daniel Denett? You can do episodes by phone (insisting on landlines not Skype or mobile) – EconTalk does this, and it works fine.

    Also, a technical point: a little more dynamic range compression so your podcasts are louder would help me hear your podcasts while farming. You could compare your audio profiles to popular podcasts to see how they do it.

    1. Thannks. Yes, Dennett is one of the philosophers I really hope to interview one day. I do wish to maintain my principle against doing the episode by phone, though — not primarily because of audio quality, but more because I find face-to-face conversations so much more rewarding. It tends to become more of a question-and-answer thing by phone, whereas face-to-face is more unpredictable and the guest is also much more relaxed and likely to be somewhat more personal.

      Thanks for the technical pointer as well. I’m learning a little more about audio editing every time so I hope this will be better in the future. At some point, I will also go through all the previous episodes and do some re-mastering.

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