Welcome to SuchThatCast, a free philosophy podcast featuring free-form conversations with some of the most influential and interesting philosophers of our day.

I’ve received several questions about how best to support SuchThatCast. I would be very grateful for any of the following gestures:

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  • Help me spread the word by linking from your Web site; posting on mailing lists, web sites, social media sites; or by plain old word of mouth.
  • I’m not allowed to post links to Wikipedia myself (it’s against their external links guidelines), so I would highly appreciate it if listeners add links/references to Wikipedia if you think an episode contains relevant and unique information.
  • Should you come across an ad that looks interesting, it won’t hurt if you pay them a visit.
  • Suggest philosophers to interview, especially if you know of someone happening to be in the vicinity of the Netherlands.
  • Constructive criticism and kind words are always appreciated.

Questions, comments suggestions?