Episode 7: David Koepsell

David Koepsell
David Koepsell

Location: Department of Philosophy, University of Delft
Duration: 70 min.

Keywords: philosophy of law, legal theory, ontology, foundationalism, cyberspace, gene patenting, intellectual property, creativity, technological determinism, phenomenology, secular humanism, popular culture, Adolf Reinach, #pdftribute

David Koepsell earned his PhD in philosophy as well as his law degree from the University at Buffalo, where he studied with Barry Smith. He has authored numerous articles as well as authored and edited several books, including Searle on the Institutions of Social Reality, The Ontology of Cyberspace: Law, Philosophy, and the Future of Intellectual Property. He has lectured worldwide on issues ranging from civil rights, philosophy, science, ontology, intellectual property theory, society, and religion. Koepsell has practiced law, worked for Bowstreet, Inc. as an ontologist in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and taught at the University at Buffalo. He was appointed Assistant Professor of Philosophy at TU Delft in September 2008.

Koepsell and I spend quite some time discussing his controversial views on patenting and copyright, which naturally leads us into the foundations of ethics and law. Despite Koepsell’s largely analytic style, we also touch upon phenomenology and the value of continental philosophy. Since Koepsell was executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism, we also dicuss the culture wars in the US before concluding with the relation between popular culture and philosophy.

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  1. Sound quality is so poor and muffled, and level is so low, that I have no chance of making out more than about one word in ten.

    1. You had me worried with that comment, but I’ve asked around and no one else seem to have problems making out the words. I should add that it is best to listen to this (or any) podcast using headphones — and since there’s only voice frequencies, the audio is naturally vulnerable to noise in your environment at the same frequency. I’ll see whether it’s possible to raise the level at some later time, and I hope this won’t deter you from trying out other episodes.,

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