Such That How?

I’ve received quite a few questions about what a podcast is, and how you can best stay up to date on a podcast series. Here are a few ways in which you can follow SuchThatCast. – Stream/Download

The easiest way for those who are not familiar with podcasts is to simply go to and click on the episode you want to listen to (‘Read more and Download’). On each episode page (e.g., there will be a media player that you can play directly from the browser. This is quick and easy, but requires you to keep that browser window open for the duration of the episode. Just beneath the media player is a direct link to the media file itself. Right-clicking (option-clicking for Mac users) you can store the MP3 file and simply open it in your favorite media player. If you want to listen to SuchThatCast on your smartphone/tablet or other device, simply transfer this MP3 file to your SD card or similar. This works well, but there are more elegant ways of listening on your device…

On your tablet/smartphone (iTunes, Stitcher etc)

In my view, the best way to listen to a podcast is on your smartphone/tablet while you’re on the go. There are several providers out there that make it easier to follow podcasts on your device.

For those of you using iTunes, simply do a search for ‘suchthatcast’ in the iTunes store. When SuchThatcast shows up in the search results, simply click ‘subscribe free’ (or your language’s equivalent). In the ‘podcast’ section of your library (see menu on top left), SuchThatCast will then appear as a subscribed podcast, meaning that new episodes will be automatically downloaded when they are released. To get an overview, I find it best to choose ‘View>as Album list’. A similar procedure applies to iTunes on your iPad or iPhone.

Stitcher is my favorite application for android phones (also available for iPhone). Simply install from Google play, search for suchthatcast and add as favorite.

RSS feed

A more “elegant” way of following the podcast is to subscribe to the RSS feed. First, click this ‘RSS’ icon:RSS icon (or same icon in right menu)

A window should open giving you options for which application to use. For instance, if you choose Outlook or similar email software, a folder will be created in your mailbox where the latest episode will be available the moment it’s released. If there’s an option to ‘download enclosures’ or similar, the MP3 file will be downloaded to your mailbox  ready to be played in your favorite media player.

One advantage with RSS is that you can use it for pretty much any kind of software. When there’s an option to subscribe to RSS, simply enter and you should be ready to go.


Questions, comments suggestions?

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