Episode 11: Selmer Bringsjord, Gregory Chaitin, Mariarosaria Taddeo & Wilfried Sieg live @ IACAP


SuchThatCast Live @ IACAP with Bringsjord, Taddeo, Sieg & Chaitin
Photo by Cem Bozsahin. From left to right: Bringsjord, Taddeo, Sieg, Chaitin

Selmer Bringsjord,
Gregory Chaitin,
Mariarosaria Taddeo
Wilfried Sieg

American College of Thessaloniki, Greece

 Duration: 71 mins.

Keywords: Philosophy of computing, Philosophy of mathematics, formal methods, creativity, evolution, Artificial Intelligence, Digital ontology, Computationalism, Church, Turing, Hilbert, Euler, Leibnitz.

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This episode is recorded live in front of an audience at the International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP) 2014 conference in Thessaloniki, Greece. The guests are four of the most interesting participants at that conference: Selmer Bringsjord, Gregory Chaitin, Mariarosaria Taddeo and Wilfried Sieg. They represent both diversity, all of them having quite different backgrounds and main research area, but they all have a common denominator in logic and formal methods. This forms the backdrop for many of our discussions, in addition to background stories, more or less strange side-projects as well as future hopes and desires. The whole thing was an experiment, but it worked out quite well. I can only hope that the recording can do some justice to the event, although I suspect it may not.

In my usual apologetic way, I should point out that there were some sound issues again. The event took place in a crowded room with an air-conditioner at full blast and the participants had very different volume levels. Software has gotten pretty good at removing background noise, but it does make everyone sound a little “flat”. The microphone  didn’t pick up the audience very well, either, so some jokes may seem to have gotten less of a laugh than they actually received.

Allow me to thank the participants for taking the time to join the panel, the audience for contributing, and to the organizer Vincent Müller for helping me put this together.



Background Information and links related to this episode:

  • As always, you will get most out of this episode if you at least know a little bit about the panel. For starters, have a look at the wikipedia pages for Gregory Chaitin and Selmer Bringsjord, and the personal pages of Mariarosaria Taddeo and Wilfried Sieg (someone should create their Wikipedia pages!).
  • Some representative videos of each of the participants:

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3 thoughts on “Episode 11: Selmer Bringsjord, Gregory Chaitin, Mariarosaria Taddeo & Wilfried Sieg live @ IACAP”

  1. Just stumbled upon your podcasts, and this episode was my virgin listen. And it was awesome! I hope you’ll do more of these; get some interesting people together at these obscure philosophy conferences, and … just talk!

    Now, the field of AI is especially interesting to me, having been in the deep-end of trying to create commercial strong AI software, and when I hear philosophers talk about AI it’s refreshing to hear them being skeptical to the more crank (iMNSHO) view of people like Bostrom, et al. The angle of creativity is also very good, and I agree that if you know what your program is going to do, it’s not very good or exciting.

    I’m also surprised that most philosophers don’t question the I in AI a lot more; we don’t really agree on what intelligence really is supposed to be, so why are we having an AI discussion?

    Anyway, I’m subscribed, and I’m looking forward to more. Tusen takk for den jobben dere gjør, og håper mer kommer snart.


  2. Thanks for the positive feedback, James and Alexander – it makes me wish all the more that I had the time to update this more frequently. I hope and believe that once I get through March, I will have more time for the podcast.

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